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After a horrible car accident left her with continual pain in her neck, (whiplash) shoulders and back, Melissa discovered yoga as a means to help alleviate some of her symptoms and avoid some of her migraines. Melissa became a certified teacher at the age of 25, whereas most people in the yoga community are older adults. Her youth and vibrancy lend nicely to her teaching and her own practice. Whiplash chiropractors Brandon may have your answers.

Upper extremity weight bearing of Downward Facing Dog Pose is a fundamental provocative pose for neck and shoulder issues (whiplash). With care, you can learn to carry their weight through their arms with somewhat back bending upper thoracic / lower cervical spine, steady shoulder blades, and seated humeral heads. It’s truly easier to actively raise level with the closed kinetic chain activity of Dog introduce afterward the open kinetic chain activity of arm elevation in standing. It really is less easy to ease scapular stabilization the stretching upper spine, and down glide of humerus humerus while standing. In standing the spine is stabilized with the inner actions of lengthening. The entire body must work well to lift the spine.

Visualize your system as being not dissimilar to a three story building. If one of the supporting beams is shifted and pulled downward, over time even the top floor of the building begins to sag down, too. They can cause a perpetual pull on your upper body, if you leg muscles are tight. Over time, this continuous downward pull can cause a variety of long-term pain illnesses and made worse with whiplash.


Any exercise will transfer spinal fluid, but rebounding is a low-impact means to transfer spinal fluid with a low risk of harm. The response to the up and down bouncing with increased gravitational force of the body transfers lymphatic fluids and arouses the movement of spinal fluid through the spinal column. Facilitate the removal of cellular waste and movement of the cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and in the spinal column helps to carry nutrients to the spine and brain.

To to not tuck or Tuck? That is the question. And just like for Hamlet, there is no simple solution. It is all in your relationship to gravitation, what motion the type of weaknesses and spinal posture you might have right now, and you’re performing. When performing exercises on your own back that demand spinal stabilization – while moving the arms and legs keeping the back still – it’s important to learn how to maintain an IMPARTIAL BACK and PELVIS. We want to reinforce the alignment that is natural without force. First learn how to isolate and transfer the pelvic bones to uncover impartial pelvis.

Range of Motion Range of movement is key to preserving the flexibility of those with a spinal cord injury. Because of the nature of the injury, many spinal cord injuries develop tightness in the hip, chest, wrist and shoulder areas. These muscles become shortened after sitting for extended intervals without extending. Spasticity also plays a massive role in the growing of muscles that are tight. Range of motion exercises are extremely important, as they help keep circulation to various muscle tissues and the joint.


Nonetheless, all of those studies focused on general exercises (push ups, sit ups, etc) that were not scoliosis particular and perhaps most of all, didn’t attempt to re-train the automatic postural control centers of the brain. This had absolutely no chance of changing the natural course of the condition in any manner that is realistic and is a flawed idea process when it comes to scoliosis treatment.

Respite Care Pittsburgh

respite care pittsburgh

Wellness issues are more demanding for your seniors. In house elder-care permits these to manage their conditions with the spiritual and emotive assistance of an in home care giver and in protected and acquainted environments.

There are various issues around looking after your poor loved ones that are seniors. Lots of the problems are hard to anticipate and, they can be a way to obtain stress and anxiety if they occur.

Increasingly more people who have of caring for an aged individual, the responsibility are looking at in-homecare instead that makes the problem better for everybody engaged.

Offering in house care that is elder advantages you as a care giver by emptying you of your day-today duties of care-giving and letting you focus on the love and consideration your beloved one requires. Free from the strain of useful care-giving, you’ll be able to better recognize the problem and function to produce.

respite care pittsburghAgeing is difficult, but, our wonderful years we will stay a healthy lifestyle and revel in if we are privileged. But, wellness challenges within our folk decades can be very irritating whenever we are least in a position to cope with these simply because they come at any given time. Hospital stays could be a way to obtain dilemma and anxiousness when up against new atmosphere and strange people. Your infirmary care is not bad, however it is not designed to look after a patient’s spiritual needs and individual emotional.

Using accustomed, good environments elder care sets your beloved one in the many cozy environment probable, in household. Simply being at house could make the patient feel better, which implies they’re better in a position to cope with their health problems and can include a more easy recuperation. your family along with anyone could have more use of your beloved one, in a less tense setting, in order to be much less unhelpful and loyal.

In home elder-care is clearly a much better alternative to caring , companies or hospitals for the in-patient yourself. But, it is vital that you choose the right in home caregiver. You’ll need a person who is really a competent medical expert who is educated to provide for the mental actual and spiritual requirements of one’s loved one. In addition you need a business that comprehends the specific situation and may offer constant look after so long as you need its service.

Qualicare’s Personal-Care Managers are registered nurses exclusively qualified to give seniors thoughtful in home-care.

Senior Care Pittsburgh

in-home senior care pittsburgh

A number of other factors can impact the nutritional needs of seniors and the way successful they meet those needs, including their entry to food. For instance, a number of the changes that happen as people age can impact the types of foods they can tolerate, and several could affect remarkable ability to purchase or prepare food. As people age, problems for example high blood pressure or diabetes become a little more common, necessitating certain dietary modifications. Digestive system problems become a little more common, plus some people might have trouble chewing or swallowing.

Seniors have a tendency to ingest less energy, or calories, than younger people,. That is certainly some point that is generally agree upon, however. This might be due, in part, to natural decline from the rate of metabolism as people age. It can possibly reflect a decline in exercise. When the total intake of food decreases, it follows that intakes of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and fat and minerals also decrease. If calorie consumption is just too low, then intakes of necessary nutrients may also be low. in-home senior care pittsburgh

Minimal is famous about how precisely growing older affects the body’s ability to digest and absorb, and retain nutrients like vitamins and protein, and minerals. Therefore, little is recognized about how exactly the nutritional needs of elderly people differ from those of younger adults. Recommended nutrient intakes for seniors are currently extrapolated from the ones from younger adults.

Good ways of eating throughout life will help you to promote physical and mental well-being. For older people, eating properly will help to minimize the indications of age-related changes that, for a few, might cause discomfort or inconvenience. Although growing older affects some individuals differently from others, everyone may benefit from exploring a nicely-planned vegetarian diet.

There may be abundant evidence to exhibit that an optimal measure of nutrition can extend the lifespan and improve the standard of life. A sizable body of research examining the health of vegetarians, who typically adhere to a diet that may be lower in calories, fatty foods, and protein, but higher in fiber and phytochemicals than non-vegetarians, shows that vegetarians are afflicted by less cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and a few kinds of cancer. Vegetarians also often live beyond non-vegetarians.

Get to Know Varicose Veins


There are seven major kinds of therapy for varicose veins and veins stockings. The absolute most traditional technique is just to don correctly-fitting assistance line, particularly when the veins cause symptoms that are miserable or unpleasant. These tights can usually be purchased at some pharmacies and at any surgical supply store. They come in below-the-knee, above-the-knee, and styles. Lifestyle changes. Great skin cleanliness, weight reduction (if required), and walking will help address varicose veins and spider veins. Sclerotherapy. This process, which has been available is another treatment option. This procedure uses a highly-concentrated saline (sodium) option or possibly a specially made detergent that’s injected into the vein, inducing the vein to vanish progressively over three to six months. The procedure is, relatively cheap that is simple, and may be done in an hospital location. Endovenous laser facial treatment can be a treatment when there is a tiny laser fiber introduced in to the vein. Impulses of laser light are sent in the vein, that causes the vein. The process is performed as an outpatient under regional anesthesia. Radio-frequency occlusion. There is a tiny catheter inserted in to the vein. The catheter produces radio frequency power to the vein wall, producing it to temperature and seal shut. The procedure is generally done in a hospital or office location, often under regional anesthesia. 6. Surgery. Medical processes to treat varicose veins contain ligation (attaching off of a vein) and draining (elimination of the extended part of vein). Ambulatory phlebectomy, another treatment, allows through very small incisions that not require stitches for big surface veins’ removal. Surgery may be conducted using spinal nearby, or anesthesia anesthesia. Most people return home the exact morning that is same because the procedure. Surgery is generally employed to take care of huge veins. Powerful and lasers pulsed light. Pulsed light therapies that are intensive or floor laser, such as for example PhotoDerm and Vasculight, are options that are additional. These devices use temperature power damage or to precisely harm veins. An advantage of those remedies is the fact that no needles are needed; nevertheless, there might be some minor distress. Unwanted effects do happen, including discoloration and blister development. The outcome tend to be discouraging. Not everybody with abnormal or spider veins has pain or different signs. They could need the veins removed, however, for cosmetic reasons.

Frequent persistent symptoms of paresthesia : Knee heaviness, exercise intolerance or tenderness along the course of a vein, pruritus, burning sensations, restless feet edema, skin changes and-or abnormal veins that should be elicited are the following. the next is included by common signs of telangiectasia: burning, swelling, throbbing, calf or cramping and weakness. the following is included by facets of signs signs tend to be less severe at the center levels, worse early inside the advancement of disease, and worse again with advancing age. Signs don’t correlate together with the measurement or level of visible varices or with all the volume of response. Since the beginning may be exceptionally steady not all patients understand their signs; after-treatment, patients tend to be stunned to realize how much long-term distress they had not recognized as abnormal. Ache related to larger varicose veins is usually a dull ache that’s not better after prolonged standing. Discomfort insufficiency is usually improved by walking or by elevating the thighs, in contrast to the discomfort of arterial insufficiency, which can be not better with ambulation. Discomfort and other symptoms may worsen with the period, with pregnancy, and in a reaction to exogenous hormonal therapy (E.G: oral contraceptives). Discomfort connected with their varicose veins after intercourse is regularly experienced by a little variety of girls. Evaluation might show the next studies: ulceration, telangiectasia blanche, interdigital mycosis eczematous lesions, micro ulcers dermatitis angiomata, distinguished veins, scars from a preceding medical evidence or operation and of prior sclerosant injections. The following may be included by conclusions on palpation: a strong , thickened, thrombosed vein that is superficial in a section of inflammation or leg discomfort. Ligament problems within the leg over an excessive vein at websites where shallow tributaries appear through opportunities within the superficial fascia’s length. View a Clinical Professional for more information.

Primary Care Doctor


A deeper understanding of this idea is that each of us is our own best physician. Usually all we are lacking is the right way to interpret and correct the symptoms our body gives us. Which brings me to my story…

Exactly what does this must do with you? Only this – we are all our own best primary care physicians in Pittsburgh, but only if we have the right information to work with. If you have symptoms that are interfering with your life, there is no better time to get that information to get started making the changes that will restore your overall health and bring back your quality of life.

This is an absolute tragedy. The physician who advises their patient to abandon a low carb, more fat, more cholesterol, more proteins diet because the total hypercholesteria went up, but so, too, did the HDL, is demonstrating extreme ignorance of what total hypercholesteria is all about. This particular should never happen, but yet it happens every day. Every single day in almost all physician’s office buildings all over the world. But wait, it gets a whole lot worse.

In this article, we share the kinds of doshas and how to learn what are the best foods for you specifically.

Scientists, doctors, and simply people worldwide are realizing that Glycocomics/Glycobiology is heading to change the world as we know it.

Botox Dallas and Are They For You?

Everybody wants to appear eternally young and amazing but as we grow older, loss of the softness of the skin is expected resulting in signs and wrinkles of aging. One solution to slow this visible aging process down is through shots and aesthetic therapies. Now there are a lot of products in the market that guarantee you a younger and appealing appearance.

Every single day we see lots of ads of cosmetic treatments, which give guarantee of these products. Mainly what we anticipate from these products is that they will remove our wrinkles and folds that look unattractive. Among these products most popular are Restylane, collagen and Botox injections. These injections have their particular uses and features. Let’s focus our attention on Botox in this informative article.

The botulinum toxin has been understood for centuries but it continues to be appreciated recently with all the discovery of Botox. Botox was introduced thirty years back. Before it was injected to the muscles enclosing the eyes of those patients who were suffering from eyes that were crossed.

Botox (Botulinum a toxin) shot is a method to recoup your smooth and soft look. Botox injection is an FDA (Food and Drug Association) approved therapy. This is a purified protein, which is derived a toxin that can also cause food poisoning, from bacterium clostridium botullinum. Botox is an easy and quick treatment. Based on ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Botox is the quickest growing treatment for wrinkles.

Wrinkles originate with the over usage of facial muscles. Botox is injected into muscle that was targeted with a fine needle. The muscles that produce wrinkles are simply inactivated by Botox. Botox blocks the release of acetylcholine substance, which transmits the muscle to contract. So, this is a mechanism of muscle inactivation. The muscles that produce frown lines weaken. These lines be virtually invisible inside a week as well as are smoothed out.

Botox mainly targets frown lines, crows feet, laugh lines and forehead lines. It is injected in small doses. It’s a fast treatment. Botox has been put to use for decades in treating a variety of patients. Botox shot may also be employed for migraine headaches. Additionally, it can fall sweating on palms, under arms and in the hairline.

It’s suggested to the Botox-injected patients when they want optimal outcomes that they adhere to implications and some guidelines before and following the treatment. Following the shot, ice may be placed on the targeted place that can reduce discomfort and any swelling. Injection process takes just about ten minutes and that patients can go Botox Dallasback without delay to their routine life. As this can cause bruising, don’t massage the treated region. Botox can’t be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding or on neurology patients.

If an excessive amount of toxin is injected or when it is injected in a wrong location within the body, a droopy eyelid muscle may result that survives for a week or maybe more. Botox effects continue for 3-6 months and it causes minimal pain. Undoubtedly this product is wonderful for those people who need to improve their look and want a wrinkle appearance that is clear, smooth and free with out full blown operation.

The Variations In Eldercare Services

homecare services in Northern VirginiaTime marches on and so do we. Before we realize it, we’re old and therefore are our parents or nearest and dearest. Taking care of them-and ensuring their requirements are fulfilled become a prime issue particularly when they start not to have the capacity to care for themselves as they used to. This predicament reaches many every household. The one thing to prevent would be to stay under a veil of ignorance by not knowing your choices and waiting until the last-minute to make an unexpected and generally uniformed choice. Treatment for older people is very important. This is dealt with in a comparison between adult day-care, assisted living, and homecare services in Northern Virginia.

Adult day-care gets the quickest care intervals and generally lasts around 8 hrs a day and 5 times weekly. Individuals with Alzheimers, the lame, the physically disabled, these afflicted with HIV/AIDS, people who have diminishing brain function and also the reading and visually-impaired are a part of this kind of attention. It functions as respite for active health professionals while offering social and recreational activities, foods, treatment, health and social providers. Generally there’s an evaluation made of the requirements of every individual till they enter this system. In addition it’s vital that you learn how physically capable they’re because adult day-care does provide rehabilitative services and personal-care. Among its best advantages is the fact that it helps individuals stay independent and have the ability to reside with loved ones provided that they may and it also offers health care providers the rest they frequently want.

Funds may come through Medicaid in case the individual qualifies, demand-based scholarships, some health insurance, long-term treatment insurance or taxes breaks for dependent care. Medicare does not protect adult day-care. Generally centers are nonprofit (80% of these) and charge anywhere from $25-$75 a day. This may change according to place. Transport can also be supplied. There are full-time medical providers and these positions are certified by the state.

Another step-up in attention, in the event older people aren’t managing friends or family, is assisted-living. It’s for seniors that are relatively impartial and who want more attention than the usual pension neighborhood has accessible. The emphasis is on enabling personal residents’ autonomy, demand for secrecy, alternative, and security. The solutions provided are private (bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, and eating), healthcare (which likewise includes direction of medicines), societal as well as activities, 24 hour oversight, instruction, washing, linen, housework, device maintenance, purchasing, food planning, cash management and transfer. An individual may reside in a furnished or unfurnished facilities or 1-room unit using a bath. Some areas possess a common toilet. Likewise some models might have kitchenettes as well as the full kitchen.

A possible homeowner is evaluated according to bodily and intellectual capabilities, psychological consciousness, health record (including drugs being taken) and a number of private background to learn if assisted-living is an excellent choice. Household members are motivated to remain part of the occupant’s existence and therefore are welcome to to go to interpersonal actions through the entire year as well as on vacations. Generally assisted dwelling positions possess a full-time nurse and skilled personnel. Foods are consumed in a living area and help is provided when needed. Actions are planned through the entire evening and occupants possess the option to to wait or not. Chapel services are used, some really being a particular denomination and there’s typically a nondenominational assembly. Helped treatment is governed by the state.

Resources of financing may include private funds, support for households, Social Protection, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance. The price varies, according to how big the the system, the solutions desired and place. It is between $1,000 and $2,000 monthly, the average being $1,873.

The rest home is the most extensive in attention (as well as adult family care properties). The occupiers have certain bodily requirements. They often have bodily or mental illnesses or occur to be too weak and incapable to move, wash or prepare their very own foods. Their ADL’s (Activities of Day-To-Day living) are mini Mal and low performance. Typically, there will probably not be any healing or power to care for themselves, so help is essential for many or all ADL’s. There are certain health-related requirements also.

Nurses and medical assistance can be found twenty-four hours a day. Due to the occupants’ demands, rest homes are manned with that at heart. There’s complete direction of drug also it’s implemented according to some doctor’s requests. An individual may buy an exclusive area if he or she is spending with private funds. Generally, there are 2 people into a chamber. Dishes are delivered to to them or occupants are taken to the eating area. Besides complete support, rest homes provide rehabilitative solutions, workout, social activities, laundry, housework, and prepared foods. Households and friends should see.

The price is determined by where the residence is and exactly what the surcharge is which is connected for personal payers versus Medicare and Medicaid. About 70% of nursing home costs are covered by the state and federal governments. The government pays portion or all the costs for approximately 85% of the occupants. Yet another financing alternative is long term care insurance. The specific price is about $114 a day or even more and will move properly above $2,000 monthly. This changes with respect to the place as well as the solutions needed.

To sum up, adult day-care calls for hrs of treatment, while assisted-living and nursing facilities provide more treatment increasingly. It is helpful to study all the home and fiscal choices. American Association of Retired Persons is a very important resource, in addition to Medicare. There really are a abundance of other web sites that can help family members and friends discover the best spot for his or her nearest and dearest as well as the phone book databases businesses and individuals with a system to pull from. Quality treatment of our elderly is important. Understanding what could be done has been completed, provides a feeling of satisfaction.

Choosing Your Baby’s Doctor

Over the last couple months of one’s pregnancy, you should begin looking for a pediatrician in Pittsburgh. Choosing the best doctor is essential. You should feel safe and know they’ll answer any questions you might have without making you feel just like an idiot for asking. Don’t wait before last minute to speak to potential doctors. I had made a scheduled appointment with someone that came strongly suggested. I had my son your day before the interview. Needless to say, once the hospital asked me who our pediatrician was, I had to utilize the physician I was likely to interview. I did so like him, but my hubby was not too pleased with him. We changed to a new doctor in exactly the same office after my son was per year old. You can opt for a family practitioner or perhaps a pediatrician. The difference between your two is really a pediatrician focuses on children’s medicine; a family group practitioner does not. Each one would be a fantastic choice, so it’s more with whom you are feeling most comfortable. Needless to say, it is possible to call friends, family or a healthcare facility to obtain their recommendations. Speaking with someone you trust will help the process go just a little smoother. If you have some candidates, it’s time to call their office to see in the event that you “interview” them. Many doctors will truly see you and take time to discuss office practices, etc. However, not each is available; their office could be too busy to speak to you. After you have the interviews create, have a your questions ready. This is a list of questions you might want to ask the doctor throughout your interview: 1. What’s your philosophy on raising children? 2. How much are your office visits fees? 3. Just how much are your hospital charges? 4. Will there be a Nurse Practitioner in your office? 5. Do you charge for phone calls? 6. Who returns phone calls? You or your office staff? 7. How long are your scheduled appointments? 8. How often would you see my baby the initial year? 9. Do you have a waiting area simply for sick children? 10. Since you can find other doctors in this office, will my child always see you? 11. Is your workplace available on Saturdays or evenings? Now that you have visited and talked to each doctor, the time has come to discuss yours as well as your spouses impressions of each one. Your first choice might not be the one you stick with forever, but to be honest, you won’t really discover how it will work out until your baby is here and you could see the doctor in action.

The Most Effective Eye Care Advice You’ll Locate

The eyes with which you’re born are the sole eyes you’ve got, so it’s vital that you take great care of these. In the event you ignore your eye care, a variety of issues could be experienced by you together with your eyesight. For many excellent suggestions about taking care of your eyes, continue reading. Your eyes want more consideration than before particularly when you have reached the age of 40. Illnesses and various ailments, including diabetes, can possess a negative effect on eyesight. Ensure you will have sufficient lighting when you read or work. In the event you are wanting to see things without adequate illumination in the space your eyes will probably be striving all of the time. Over time, this may cause serious damage. Improve the quantity of lighting fixtures or your wattage in any particular room to fix the issue.

The wintertime can also be essential to keep these things on even though you may be thinking that shades should just be worn throughout summer time. Take dry eyes quite seriously in the event that you suffer from this illness. It could be damaging if it is occurring too often while everyone experiences some dryness, either influences. Keep your eyes shielded when dealing with circumstances that are dangerous. In a few kinds of surroundings that are unsafe or unclean, you need to keep your eyes by wearing safety goggles shielded. These also contain specific sports. Actions like racquetball, ice hockey, or lacrosse may cause eye injuries, and that’s the reason you ought to wear helmets that have built in sports goggles or face masks. All these are not low in omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are very good for eye health as well as the rest of the body. Vary your choice from mackerel, tuna and wild salmon. Lasik Eye Surgery in Houston, TX  comments that the further you eat, the more healthy your eyesight is likely to be from it.

Put on a baseball hat or visor, in the event you are considering remaining outside for an extended time period. This will reduce any annoyance which you feel and may stop sunlight ‘s dangerous rays from affecting your eyes. Also, your eyes can be more wet in case you block sunlight from entering in. Avoid injuring your eyes by constantly wearing protective eyeglasses when doing any kind of work. That is particularly significant in case you occupation entails managing dangerous or airborne substances. It is possible to decrease the results of eye burn when you put these pads on the eyelids. Other irritating problems together with your eyes avoided or may be decreased applying this system too. Use pieces of raw potato to reduce puffy eyes. Cut the potato into half rings and place on your eyes that are closed. In case you would rather, it is possible to grate the potato and place in a few Muslin fabric, then press out excess liquid and put on eyes that are shut.

If so, be sure to own some of eyeglasses in case your eyes get irritated you could wear. In addition, be sure to maintain the contacts really clean. Individuals who have allergies have eyes that are red and itchy. Take care to prevent rubbing against them because that is only going to make the issue worse. It is possible to take medicine to stop the outward symptoms for those who have seasonal allergies, and you can even use allergen-reducing eye drops. Ensure that you check out the directions drops to prevent future difficulties. Make sure you scrub your hands before contacting them, should you are using contact lenses. You can find all kinds of viruses and germs that may enter the human body via your eye. Should your eyes become dried out while sleeping or irritated, use an eye ointment. Your eyes can be lubricated by them plus they help more since they are not water-established. The greatest problem with them is that blurriness is caused by them instantly, and that means you ought to use them. Put tomato or cucumber slices on your own eyes. It helps them feel and to look fresh. In the event that you are doing this several times weekly you need to begin to see a difference, as well as family members and your friends may notice at the same time! Use a hyperosmotic in the event you have got corneal swelling. It will help draw the water from the cornea. If your eyes are irritating you should seek out a poorer two percent solution.

Avoid wearing them, should you wear contact lenses. Your eyes want contacts and continuous oxygen supply block oxygen flow to your own eyes. Carrying this out can permanently damage your vision and make suffering that is great for the eyes. That it takes an extended time for the eyes to become tender and irritated, vitamin C may also help in cell regeneration. Now that you’ve got finished reading this guidance, you need to understand why it’s essential to take care of your eyes. Your eyesight could rapidly worsen should you blow off these suggestions and also you may have a few other issues too. Ensure that you simply begin applying this guidance immediately to maintain your eyesight powerful.

Individual Health And Dental Insurance: Basics You Need To Know

Both individual health and dental insurance plans have confusing, yet important, abbreviations. Below is an explanation of each to help you learn the things you need to know about individual health and dental insurance plans. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO): An HMO is a health insurance plan that allows you to choose a primary care physician who will act as your “go between” in the event you need to see a medical specialist outside of your primary care physician’s field. If you have an HMO health insurance plan, you “prepay” for services rather than pay a deductible but you can always ask your dentist in St. Augustine, FL for clarification on your plan and payment options. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): PPOs are available with both individual health insurance plans and dental insurance plans. Like an HMO, a PPO lets you choose your doctor or dentist within a particular network. Unlike an HMO, you only pay for the services you are given by the doctor or dentist. Point of Service (POS): A POS is a health insurance plan that combines features from HMOs and PPOs. Like an HMO, there is usually no deductible, low co-pay, and a primary care physician. Like a POS, you’re allowed to go out of the network of doctors, in which case you’ll pay a deductible and possibly higher co-pay. Indemnity Plan (IP): The IP is a very popular dental insurance plan. Coverage is limited, but you usually have the option of choosing your own dentist, which actually helps you save money. Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO): After paying one annual premium, a DHMO guarantees a certain number of visits, though it doesn’t allow you to choose your dentist. Dental Discount Plan (DDP): Although a DDP isn’t a traditional dental health insurance plan, you can get discounts from dentists who agree to participate in the plan. There’s no limit and you choose your own dentist. Rather than let abbreviations complicate things, learn the meanings to easier find the right individual health and dental insurance plans for you.

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